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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 10, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the white house briefing scheduled for about an hour and a half from now and that's going to be interesting television. we will see you back here for that and one hour. >> jenna: is "outnumbered" now now. >> harris: fox news alert, the president said you are fired and that is sending shock waves throughout washington. president trump's sudden dismissal of fbi director, james comey. the white house as he was fired for his handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. democrats are calling them of smithsonian -- nixonian. this is outnumbered. here today, meghan mccain, kennedy, calista fox and friends weekend, abby huntsman and today's #oneluckyguy, the chairman of gopac and veteran republic strategist david avella. this is a big day, there've been some money, but particularly glad to have your expertise. >> david: i'm glad to be here. as one who lives in a house full of women and an office mainly women, i'm used to being
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outnumbered. >> harris: james comey firing came from following recommendations. the president speaking publicly just a few minutes ago. watch. >> reporter: why did you fire director comey? >> he wasn't doing a good job very simply. >> harris: and the past hour, vice president mike pence was asked if comey's firing had anything to do with the current investigation into russian election interference and possible collusion between the trump campaign in the kremlin. here's his answer. >> let me be very clear. the president's decision to accept the recommendation of the deputy attorney general and the attorney general to remove director comey as head of the fbi it was based solely and
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exclusively on his commitment to the best interest of the american people and to ensuring that the fbi has the trust and confidence of the people of this nation. >> harris: with all that said, democrats are demanding a special prosecutor to be appointed as they question the timing of comey's firing. the leader of its unlettered democrats, chuck schumer. >> mr. president, there that's little reason to think that mr. rosen signs letter was the true reason that president trump fired director comey. why? because of the administration truly had objections to the way director comey handled the investigation, they would have the minute the president got into office, but he didn't fired director comey then. the question is, why did it happen last night? >> harris: catherine herridge joining us now. a busy place today, i can only
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imagine. what those comments from the vice president last hour on the decision by the white house to fire director comey, they seem to distance themselves from a decision citing the deputy attorney general's recommendation. he has someone who has a track record of being a straight shooter, a career prosecutor and is now a senior department official. >> president trump made the right decision at the right tim time. to accept the recommendation and the attorney general and ask for the termination to support the determination of the fbi director. >> the fbi is calling on the deputy attorney general as well as the acting fbi director, andrew mccabe to come to
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congress and brief them immediately. feinstein said the timing is beyond curious. she said the director then had promised to keep congress updated on the probe. >> it was rather comprehensive for this kind of briefing. the fbi director was precise and he presented us with substantial information. it was clearly fbi was was taking its job seriously and that a substantial investigation was underway. >> my law enforcement contacts are pointing me to april 25th as a turning point for the fbi director's future. that was the day that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein was confirmed and then he was cast.
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fbi director comey had it colored outside the lines. he had gone beyond his responsibility as a federal government's lead investigator and he put on his prosecutor's hat, recommending against criminal charges and the mishandling of information by then candidate clinton. this morning on fox news, the former attorney general was also consulted by rosenstein about the fbi director. >> i believe it very well could have been sufficient basis to remove the fbi director. where was the attorney general? i could not imagine having that kind of press conference without me standing right next to him. there are so may things that happened in connection with this investigation, how is handled, how was announced.
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>> the investigation against the fbi director is that he damage the fbi because he addressed the bureau into politics and with that in mind, my contacts are pointing me to that specific language that fbi -- the director had told him on three occasions that he was not subject to the counterintelligence probe into russia contacts with the campaign. this is so important because it is most improper for the fbi director to ever discuss who the subject of an investigation is even with the president of the united states. my contacts say that it is evidence that he had become highly political and it was an effort to curry favor in order to save his position as director. >> harris: that is huge. thank you very much. as you look at the situation, a couple things pop to mind. please look at the behavior in
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recent days and he said he colored outside the lines. >> david: it took all of one second for this to become an issue. there is a term in the military called combat effectiveness and comey was on in a position of the more he could leave the fbi. one, every time he turned around, he was making some political statement that the left of the right was up in arms about. and two, the fbi agents and bureaucrats that are there didn't trust him any longer. a source told me today that part of the reason is because we are having delays in getting the trump administration and places because it takes too long. it's taken longer than any administration to do background checks. it's not been effective. >> harris: back in march of this year, he said that you're stuck with me for another six and a half years.
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he basically had to eat those words now, we understand that. how could he make such a blanket statement if he were not aware of the politics of the moment? how do you have such job security? >> david: he had five months to show he could do the job and he couldn't. there are tours to keep in mind here, will and pleasure of the president. the fbi is at the will and pleasure of the president. when the day comes that you know longer have the confidence of the president, you're gone. >> harris: want to consider what david is saying about how people have lost faith within the agency, there up reports that people were crying at their desks. i didn't see it personally, so there might be some kind of hyperbole, but they were very upset about the fact that he is leaving. the >> kennedy: that sort of uncertainty and the reaction goes to show you the type of close culture that they have at the fbi and why it's so critical to name someone who can really bring people together, not to
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mention the perception of the bureau for the country at large. david is right, this became so political so quickly and democrats rubbed the lamp and they were angry that a genie came out. it's stunning because no one here seems to have any impartial perspective. we don't have any proof of collusion with russia, but democrats speak as though that's a certainty and this firing is a fallout from that. he was unpopular with both parties, but i do think one of the critical questions that the president and the white house has yet to explain is the timing of this. >> harris: was talk about that. you have lavrov at the white house today. on the day after the president fired the person who is in charge of the investigation into whether or not there was any collusion or connection with the trump campaign. >> meghan: i can't stand james
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comey, we've talked about many times. i think he is a complete and total show pony that made the narrative about him after too many interviews. everything and anything he could and he only made it worse. i didn't think he was great to put it very mildly. that being said, this was done and a very strange fashion. a manila envelope was delivered to him personally. he thought it was a joke behind him that they were playing on cable news. there was no talking points given to his people. in the middle the night, kellyanne conway going on and talking to anderson cooper as he's rolling his eyes at her. there are ways to control a media narrative and this is very, very sloppy at the moment which i think is adding to the anxiety. do i think this is the right decision? ultimately yes. why now?
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>> harris: and looking at messaging and the media narrative, we've seen it more than once with this particular administration and they are tight with talking points where they want to be. could you make some sort of assumption about whether this on purpose? keep it mixed up. we saw this with the first immigration executive order. a >> abby: i can think of one instance where the media hasn't gone completely insane over how they covered it. they have to continue to figure out how to handle communication. there are a lot of questions to the timing of this. i think you can be right where megan is and you can agree that it had to happen and there's a huge trust deficit when it comes to the fbi because thousands of agents that are there. a lot of confusion with james comey in charge. you can also disagree with how is handled. you could talk to people who
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were agents for the fbi, why not wait a few days? i have a lot of questions about that. i think many people do. you can disagree with that but degree the mac disagree with it >> harris: be sure to tune in tonight. bret baier will get the house speaker's take on this fast-moving story. paul ryan joins a special report. the speaker of the house. 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. fnc for the cool kids. democrats are exposing anger at the president's decision to fire james comey. democrats were once sang a different tune. the charge of hypocrisy as the white house and the president hit back. who could take the job of james comey? what the president must have in a new fbi chief and after the show, we are going to make more, we'll pop up online. click on the overtime tab when
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>> meghan: democrats wasted no time slamming president trump's decision to fire fbi director james comey. calling it nixonian and allege and cover-up. not too long ago, they also were slamming the job comey was doin doing. >> it was shocking to me that every time people ask questions about investigations pertaining to donald trump, they were tight-lipped and silent. when it comes to hillary clinton, they don't. we didn't cause this problem, james comey open this door. >> he's got big burden of proof for what he did that was such an appalling act goes against the tradition of prosecutors at every level of government. when i heard about it, i found it hard to believe that comey, comey, -- >> he clearly has a double standard.
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>> i am so disappointed in comey. that's why i'm calling him j. edgar hoover. >> do you believe he should resign? >> of course, yes. >> meghan: the hypocrisy is not lost on president trump who tweeted the democrats have said some of the worst things about james comey including the fact that he should be fired, but not if i so sad. >> one of the things that i find so interesting is that hillary clinton had one, which thank god she didn't, but if she had, director comey would have been fired immediately in the same my credits were criticizing the decisions today would be dancing in the street. >> meghan: that's quite the real we just showed you, but
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they are being hypocritical. a >> david: for the average american, it's like whiplash. everything keeps changing, ever be close to a different side. at the core of this, listen to democrats trying to make their cases as to why they lost the selection. i defy any democrat to find ten voters whose opinion changed based on information they got about hillary clinton during the election. >> meghan: we were joking about it in the green room that there were some democrats and it doesn't seem like the cat who caught the canary. nancy pelosi said that he was in the wrong job. for so long, hillary clinton blamed james comey for losing the presidential election. i think part of this was president trump saying i have a bipartisan way in here.
9:20 am
both sides will be so happy about this, this is like the tomahawk missiles over syria. this is going to be a big uniting moment for me. politically, he thought he would get an agreement from both sides. democrats can't let it go. they cannot pass up an opportunity to politicize this. the white house today has to do a load of self-examination to figure out if they gave them an easy layup. >> harris: mr. kissinger has just arrived at the white house and in fact, he was going into the oval office just as sergey lavrov was wrapping up. they took some photos with the president and john is asking the white house to see if we can see a couple of official photos. they asked why the meeting with republicans, they've met with them as well also at the
9:21 am
white house. our republicans at the white house handing over a little bit of the talking points democrats? >> david: we have to continue our dialogue with russia. syria wants to be as close as they can be to russia. we have to give a dialogue going. we cannot allow the president who said let me get to this election. you have a president who is very decisive and saying here's where we stand. >> abby: who doesn't want to find a way to work together and dealing with isis. i want to say one thing about the democrats. i don't think the american people are stupid. i think this is an example of what they hate so much about
9:22 am
politics. chuck schumer said in november, it wasn't for him, hillary would be elected. people get that. people get hypocrisy and that's what they hate about washington, d.c., that's what i had about politicians. it's really unfortunate to see. >> harris: we have a little bit of a trump treat undemocratic hypocrisy too. crying chuck schumer stated recently i do not have confidence in him any longer. then act so indignant. >> meghan: it's not that he's being fired, it's a time in the fashion in which he was fired. yesterday, it was like o.j. simpson trial with oj in his car going down the los angeles freeway with live helicopter cameras live on television. it's so overly dramatized. this is not a reality television
9:23 am
show. i understand when you come from a world of reality television that there is this momentum to keep up the narrative, keep up the drama. i can do whatever i want whenever i want. there are real-life consequence consequences. i was like, this is a long time coming. i got uncomfortable with the timing and the fashion in which was done. i agree with abby, how hard is it to wait another day? >> harris: with the optics be any better? one is a good time to get rid of the guy? >> abby: this is someone who has served the country for many years. >> meghan: a white house official says to expect an answer soon to who will be
9:24 am
replacing james comey, the big questions about just how ugly the confirmation process gets. plus the mainstream media's meltdown of the firing of comey. did some anchors cross a line? we debate. 80 percent of recurrent ischemic strokes
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9:29 am
officials also insists that acting director, andrew mccabe is still on the short-list. senior white house officials are not offering any hints about who it could be but are saying to expect a candidate who is nonpolitical and can restore credibility to the position. >> david: a lot of strong candidates that are mentioned. the most important quality is having confidence in the president and being able to lead the fbi to conduct and the investigation of the need to go on. as we now have to fight ms-13 gangs and states that will openly defy law enforcement and not enforce immigration laws, we have to have a strong fbi director to make sure we are getting the intelligence we need internally. >> harris: over the three words again? >> david: will and pleasure.
9:30 am
>> meghan: i don't know enough about the internal workings of the fbi to know if those are great candidates were not, i assume they are. i think the importance is to make it look as nonpartisan as possible. someone who doesn't look like they will be against trump. he is still in the middle of investigation with russia. there is so much going in the fbi that if they had some bomb news, it would be in doubt at this point. under comey, they were unable to keep anything a secret. >> harris: at such a good point. >> meghan: that's my number one piece of evidence why i don't believe anything. >> harris: there's also no evidence. >> abby: up to this point, there's no evidence of anything. i think you need someone who is well respected. if you learned anything from president trump, for the most part, they've been impressive people. i do have confidence that he will be able to find someone, but you also need to boost the
9:31 am
morale within the fbi. they've been through a lot. they need someone to go in there and take the reins and say i take this job seriously and i take you seriously. >> kennedy: that's what's interesting about this list of people who are being considered to be the interim director, not necessarily the fbi director, but these are all people from within the bureau. that said, it's definitely a sign for the doj that it's very important that agents are comfortable with whoever is going to lead the bureau during this period in between director directors. there has also been an interesting list of people who have been floated and we don't know if that's necessarily just go >> harris: the list is chris christie. >> meghan: that such a bad idea. bring anyone and with such a scandal that he has had and having tension and drama attached to it, he is the last one.
9:32 am
>> harris: ny commissioner, ray kelly, sheriff clark of wisconsin, congressman trey gowdy. >> kennedy: the fbi agents association which is current and past agents, they have endorsed rogers in the past the position. this is someone that would be comfortable with. >> harris: former mary rudy giuliani says he's not interested. >> david: keep in mind that they are worthy goals. we need to have an fbi director that ultimately can rally the troops and get the fbi moving in the right direction. to megan's point, it took the democrats all of one second to make the firing political. here's the key. who can get 51 votes? >> kennedy: we will see only already have some interesting discourse on the right and left. the mainstream media whipping itself into a frenzy last night over president trump's firing of
9:33 am
james comey. watch this. >> peter alexander at the white house. one may become known as the tuesday afternoon massacre. >> a little with the fascism tonight. i don't care about the law, i'm the boss. >> the fact that he so clumsily in this letter for no reason and search the sentence, is like a fifth grader inserting a sentence, because the dog ate my homework, i am not responsible. >> kennedy: anderson cooper didn't stop there, he plainly rolled his eyes twice at kellyanne conway during her interview. here she's responding to clips cnn had played a president trump's praising director comey in the campaign trail. >> you are putting things and they don't belong together. i was on your show often last fall saying we would win michigan. that was fun. here's what happened today.
9:34 am
in the white house, the president of the united states united states -- >> that's a fictional character, we are not allowed to refer to, we can now refer to donald trump as he is today. >> i'll ignore how unkind that is and all i'll say is president trump once in fbi director and he doesn't have it. >> kennedy: he rolled his eyes so hard, he sprained his face. i want to take issue that it is disrespectful. >> meghan: did you see what sarah huckabee was going through this morning? they were saying your outright lying. the disrespect towards her, she's a spokesperson for the white house. you may not agree with this, you may think it's a little controversial, i have some questions. you have to have respect for the surrogates were representing our president and when you do this, anderson cooper and morning joe, you make us all look bad. >> harris: i don't think it's
9:35 am
a good look for anderson as a journalist to be rolling his eyes at anybody, but let alone, a woman who is doing a job for the first time of any administration and the role that she plays so close to the president, i don't think it's a good look for you. >> kennedy: maybe hit that as glasses were covering our billing. it's almost like people in this industry and the media have lost a total respect for the presidency when you have the spokespeople on their shows. they feel like they have the right to treat them this way. they might disagree with them, clearly most of the end to all the time, but there is a certain amount of respect that we don't see today anymore. >> david: many of these journalists -- let me back up a second, congratulations chris matthew's wife who just got elected chairman of the democratic party. >> meghan: i like that shade. >> david: to your point, abby, many of these men and women who went all through the campaign saying donald trump can't get elected and they're going to
9:36 am
spend every day saying see, i told you. that's what you see in coverage like this. at the end of the day, if this is about russia influencing our elections, then somebody owes richard nixon an apology because in 1960, it was bragged about the elections. >> kennedy: i'm glad you brought up richard nixon and brian williams is saying that this could be known as the tuesday afternoon massacre. he is referring to president nixon's firing of archibald cox who is a special prosecutor which triggered resignations within the justice department including that of the attorney general. that was a massacre and the fact that people quit their jobs in protest because as opposed to the fbi director, the special prosecutor can't be fired unless it is for cause. as a cause of a big issue. they are are not direct historical parallels tt the left would like to drop right
9:37 am
now. it's a little bit lazy. >> harris: there betting on, unfortunately these journalists need to be watched and hold so much clout in the mainstream media. i put them in the same bucket as this. they are banking on the american public getting all their facts from just them. anybody's who's read history beyond third grade might know some of these facts. >> abby: president trump need to go around them and talk directly to the american people. >> kennedy: fabry lately slammed his policies. is there a double standard at play? we will discuss it next. you don't let anything
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>> meghan: the trump administration is pushing back over the backlash of the firing of james comey. accusing outraged democrats of a double standard from the start of the term, democrats have repeatedly criticized mr. trump's policies even when they mirrored those of former president obama. they slammed the obamacare replacement bill despite rising premiums and limited selections in some states. they also criticize the temporary travel ban for citizens from several majority muslim nations. despite the fact that the obama administration had identified those same countries as dangerous and may travel somewhat harder for their citizens. democrats even attacked president trump's crackdown on illegal immigration despite the fact that president obama reportedly deported more illegals than any of the president. he can do do not write it whent mirrors president obama. >> abby: this is what i was thinking when you're talking about russia earlier >> kennedy: to compare these two administrations and the
9:43 am
involvement that various lawmakers have had with russian diplomats. what if rex tillerson had overseen signing away of a quarter of the privates uranium. what with the reaction be by the press? as hillary clinton did with uranium one, how would that be received? this administration did the exact same things of the obama administration has done. how is the reaction so different regardless of where you stand, regardless of what party, you can objectively see that the treatment is so different and that colors people's perception and that is so intentional and it makes you wonder, where is the independent thought. it's a chronically necessary within this issue at this point in history. >> meghan: the colbert report brings up james comey's firing and the audience starts applauding and chastising him for it. even of the audience agreed with
9:44 am
president trump and when he was doing, these comedians will chastise you for agreeing with that. >> harris: i thought it was interesting that he seemed caught off guard by the fact that there were people in the audience who would clap because an unpopular fbi director who was tainted with political leanings perhaps was being clapped for. then he called out as if it were a bad thing and chided them. since our president has said that he left the fbi director goal because of the handling of james comey and the hillary clinton investigation, maybe they were. my point is, then he corrected for them and he said no, who knew there were so many trump supporters in the audience? do you want people to get up and walk out? then he tried to give the lecture and bring them back to what i call his flavor of politics and maybe that works for his people. >> david: the democrats, what
9:45 am
else do they have? they have republicans, they can't win an election. charlotte to president obama who endorsed a french candidate last week. he finally got one. this is why the president needs to focus on doing the right thing. if there are more jobs in this country coming into the next election, if americans had been kept, where publicans will be well on his way to reelection. >> kennedy: republican's lap to get tax reform right or they will be in trouble. >> meghan: if they have control, which they do, you mention the travel ban, you mentioned immigration, health care, all those things. they want changes to health care, they want to stick
9:46 am
clampdown on security and travel. the democrats don't stand for anything right now. you're going to see that impact in 2018. if they don't find what they stand for, resistance, resistance, that's going to be a problem in 2018. people go to the polls based on being motivated. >> meghan: there should also be a role ruled that if you doh one trump supporter, you cannot go on television and talk about the election or our president the way it is. i had a conversation with a friend of mine, who didn't know -- >> harris: there is a supporters my audience? >> kennedy: i think that when they heard the news, they were silently fist pumping as they were concurrently writing democrat talking points to tie the decision to russian collusion. >> abby: if you don't know
9:47 am
someone who has voted, you have no right to talk about politics. i don't care if you agree or not, but you better have a good sense of what's going on. >> david: the democratic party party, bernie sanders, two weeks ago, he is saying i'm an independent. >> meghan: we have to move on. comey's firing coming just ahead of president trump's meeting today with russia's foreign minister. the highest level meeting between the u.s. in moscow since trump's inauguration. what to make of the optics on this and could spur three teensg affect russia there's nothing traditional about my small business so when it comes to technology, i need someone that understands my unique needs.
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>> meghan: more "outnumbered" in just a moment, but for us to jon scott with what's coming up in a second hour of "happening now." >> jon: in the next hour, the president fires the head of the fbi and washington is still reeling. some democrats call it a constitutional crisis. republicans, some of them, counter it's about time. the future of the fbi is in
9:52 am
question. will also hear from sarah huckabee sanders, she's filling in for sean spicer at the white house for the press briefing. that should be interesting. all coming up, "happening now." >> meghan: looking forward to that. >> harris: president trump is meeting with sergey lavrov today amid the controversy of his firing of fbi director james comey. it is the highest level meeting between the honored states and moscow between the president's inauguration and focuses on ending the violence in russia. also many with the president, sergey kissed la who had been communicative with former national secured advisor michael flynn about sanctions prior to flynn's firing. during a quick follow-up, lavrov joked about comey's firing and he was asked about it. >> is the comey firing casting a shadow? >> he was fired? you're kidding. you're kidding.
9:53 am
>> harris: first of all, i want to get your response to that. >> david: an appropriate joke, but we need to have as many discussions with russia as possible. our relationship with putin is at its lowest point in decades. they're still a nuclear power and there still a world force. many presidents have had to try relationship with him and they realize they can't build a relationship with them and now we are we are. >> harris: one former president obama said things are going to change in a recent fashion, when he said that to the russian leader, what was he talking about when did he get done? >> david: whatever it was, it didn't work. our relationship was terrible with them. that's why president trump is laying out very clearly, here is where america is, work only find common ground and where we
9:54 am
disagree? >> harris: that we know that dr. kissinger is also the white house and that there was some sort of pass in the hallway or the oval office between him, lavrov, there's pictures, we're waiting to see those. >> kennedy: i think it's interesting timing and i don't think it's accidental. this is the president's way of saying i've done nothing wrong, i'm going to meet with whoever i want to need time because an innocent person would have no problem meeting with russia. when i think about this and to david's point, we talk about the relationship between the two countries and met romney pointed out that russia was our greatest strategic foe in 2012 during a presidential debate and president obama condescendingly said that they want their foreign policy back. the pickle we are in with russia right now, you have to realize that he was so incredibly off-base at that point.
9:55 am
>> harris: it involves north korea, syria, so many things that are part of that circle around russia. >> meghan: i'm hardcore about russia, i don't want to relationship with them whatsoever. when i got home from work, i happen to turn on the tv and there was a very, very moving piece that showed that gas attacks on babies, gasping for air. one of the worst of things ever seen. i started crying. we are going to reset relationships with someone who is literally aiding and abetting in the worst modern genocide in history, literally gassing babies and entire families and we're going to sit here and say maybe we can fix those relationships. this ain't my first term at the rodeo, i think we need to take a hard line and that hard-line already started with the tomahawk missiles into syria. i think we need to continue on that path. it makes me uncomfortable that we have been standing here making jokes about james comey being fired. i think incredibly poor taste.
9:56 am
this hell on earth that is going on right now, which by the way it's completely obama's fault for doing nothing. >> abby: nobody wants another cold war. this comes before the big meeting that president trump has been having with putin in july. this is the most important meeting this week that the president is having with russia because it sets up what's to come. ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. go to great lengths frto find relief.ain finally there's drug-free aleve direct therapy®. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy.
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>> new experience for david, you're going to do over time us online, or to and click the overtime tab, or go to facebook live, we will see you tomorrow at noon eastern, "happening now" now. >> jon: fox news alert on a political firestorm, the white house strongly defending the firing of fbi director james comey saying that it was done to restore confidence in the burea bureau. not to torpedo the investigation into the trump campaign. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," we may get some answers, i am jon scott. >> jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee, it is the hour with the white house press briefing, and we will bring that to you shortly. meanwhile, democrats are not buying any of it, sing it reeks of a cover-up and they call for a special prosecutor to look into ties between russia and the trump campaign. some republicans agreeing with that. here's a look in the white house where they


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